Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Second Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variation A

Been practicing my intonation for days, and finally got to record my practice. I'm not at all happy with the video quality as it's sketchy and everything. However, it did give me a few points on how I'm going about my pathetic attempts with the violin.


The ViolinLab.com community is really amazing.  They gave me valuable insights about my bowing, violin hold, and relaxation.  Aside from that, everyone is encouraging me to "keep up the good work" and to continue on my progress.

Their main feedback was for relaxation because, aside from my telling them, it's quite obvious that I'm all tense.

Jim and Joe told me to practice on my bowing, and with good reason as my wrist is quite stiff.  Diane gave quite an interesting analogy of doing a wrist motion similar to giving a "nose punch."

Pedro and Beth gave really good insights on how I should do my relaxation techniques.  Beth also wants me to focus on my string crossing from the A string to the E string, with my third finger placed on the A string.

I love my ViolinLab.com community.

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