Who am I?

I am a registered nurse working as a freelance writer in the internet.  Aside from BSN, I also am a graduate of Doctor of Optometry in CEU, Mendiola.  If you're asking why I ended up being a freelance writer when I'm in the medical field, well my answer is: it is what I love doing. Although the earnings are somewhat unstable, being a freelance writer gives me the flexibility of being able to take care of my little one.

So now, I'm traveling through the road of having the violin be my tool to create wonderful music.  My goal is to be able to play a concerto, and be near the league of Janine Jensen.  I love how she played "The Lark Ascending" by Vaughn Williams, and I hope I'll be able to play it 3-5 years from now.

My main hurdle as of the moment is my broken pinky finger.  It's my main problem in holding the bow, and unfortunately, the therapy that I got last August was too late to correct the post-traumatic arthritis that I have due to my broken pinky.

I started my violin lesson with a teacher in Music Sanctuary in UP Diliman. However, the management was going crazy with scheduling so I stopped.  I then decided to undergo self-study and just enroll virtually to a violin class online, which was ViolinLab.com on July 2011.  I love Beth to death, but I had to stop my violin lessons on October 2011 because the financial and family issues that I encountered totally obliterated my motivation to study the violin.

On June 2012, however, I got an uncontrollable urge to go back to my violin.  And with Beth's graciousness and understanding, I was back to ViolinLab.com in July 2012, which was a truly wonderful and touching birthday gift for me.  I'm now getting my strings back and I hope to continue on with this musical journey indefinitely.  My goal is to play a violin song for my mom on her birthday this April 2013.