Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bow Hold 2: Relax Your Fingers, Dude!

So, after you are done with relaxing your wrists as you do your bowing, you must now center your attention to your fingers.

Yes, your fingers.

If you look closely at all violinists, may they be part of an amazing orchestra, quartet, or being a superb soloist, you will notice that their fingers often dance as they play - especially during complicated bow strokes that can make you dizzy.

And it is something that I am going to tackle next since I am now confident with my bow strokes.  I will not go to the mechanics as Beth of has made an incredible video of how your fingers should be on the bow. 

Please view the video and follow her on YouTube for more amazing violin tips.

NOTE: Please watch in HD if possible.


  1. Just read through your whole blog. hope you haven't given up yet on the violin. How good are you now? i am a beginner. was it worth it for you?

    1. Wow, thank you so much! Unfortunately I had to stop, so many things on my plate right now, no time to practice. :(

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